The CoE is organised as follows: Centre leader and Chair is Prof Jens Lundgren, and the leadership is formed by two vice-leaders, one representing research and one representing the clinical departments (tbd). A nine-member executive committee, comprised of representatives from Rigshospitalet and international collaborators, will focus on the strategic development of the CoE. The international collaborators include Oxford University (Prof Lars Fugger), Institute Pasteur (Prof Magnus Fontes), and UCL (Prof Amanda Mocroft). The Executive Committee receives recommendations from a scientific advisory committee responsible for peer-review of incoming projects. A number of scientific interest groups covering the major areas of activity have been formed: clinical (lead: Dr Marie Helleberg), bioinformatics (Prof Finn Cilius Nielsen), immunology (Associate Prof Sisse Rye Ostrowski), imaging (Prof Andreas Kjær). Topic-specific and broader scientific meetings will be held regularly. All interested persons are invited to join one or more of the scientific interest groups, from where representatives and leadership are identified.

The CoE encourage any researcher to propose a project based on data and biological material contained by the CoE. Justification of the relevance of the proposed research question relative to the overall scope of work by the CoE should be outlined. Proposals will undergo peer review and subsequently prioritised. Funding for approved projects can be obtained from the DNRF award and/or by funding from other sources; attempts to raise funds from other sources are encouraged and expected at all times. Proposals for research questions that do not align with the overall scope of work of the CoE, but requiring use of available CoE resources (e.g. database, biobank, and analytic capacities) will also be considered, although funding from the DNRF award cannot be used directly to support such projects.  Proposals are submitted by completion of a specified form to be available online.  

The conduct of the activities within the CoE is based on a set of core values. The leadership will ensure transparency in decision making, and full and open communication is hence vital. The tone in communication shall always be collegial, courteous, constructive and professional. The research needs to be conducted and reported by rigorous standards adhering to international best standards and norms. The CoE offers a platform for diverse research activities, and aims to be inclusive for anybody wanting to engage and ensure that proposers of research questions maintain ownership hereof.

PERSIMUNE Collaborating Departments from Rigshospitalet

PERSIMUNE is also embedded in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Copenhagen Univeristy.