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The PERSIMUNE data warehouse is a collection of data from many different sources, with a structure that ensures uniform and standardized data extraction. The sources can be national, regional or local from Rigshospitalet. The data warehouse contains both a historic and a prospective patient cohort as well as clinical patients. The historic cohort consists of immunocompromised patients hospitalized at Rigshospitalet from 2005 - 2015. The prospective cohort consists of immunosupressed patients which have consented to have samples in the PERSIMUNE biobank. As of June 2016, there are more than 83.000 patients in the data warehouse and new patients are added continuously.

Below you can search for variables for your research project and get information about the current QA classification of a particular variable. Furthermore, you can see if the variable has been or is being used for analyses in various diagnosis groups as well as some statistics about the diagnosis groups, as defined by PERSIMUNE. We continue to update the search page, as sources and variables become available. Please don't hesitate to contact PERSIMUNE IT with questions regarding availability

If you are interested in getting data for your research project from the PERSIMUNE data warehouse, please consult the description How to get involved.


DISCLAIMER: The definition of diagnosis groups may vary among projects and the number of patients presented may only serve as a guide. Actual numbers for a project will depend on inclusion criteria.  


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Diagnosis groups

A = Infectious diseases
B = Oncology
C = Haematology
D = Haematology transplant
E = Transplant solid organ
F = Dialysis
G = Autoimmune hepatitis
H = Rheumatology
I = Pediatrics
Is currently in use or was previously used for analyses of patients in the indicated diagnosis group

QA definitions

The variable has been used in statistical analysis
The variable has undergone the PERSIMUNE QA and clean-up process and is ready for use
The variable is currently in central PERSIMUNE QA and clean-up process  
The variable is available but has not been cleaned