PhD defence Camilla Hatleberg
Camilla Hatleberg will be defending her PhD Thesis on "Cardiovascular disease in HIV-positive persons: Changes and differences in mortality, -interventions and risk factors; the D:A:D Study"

28th February at 14:00 at Nielsine Nielsen auditoriet in the Mærsk Tower Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Copenhagen

Find more information here 
PhD defense: Quality of HIV-Care and Management
Kamilla Grønborg Laut will be defending her PhD Thesis on "Quality of HIV-Care and Management - benchmarking and regional differences across Europe"
1 February at 13:00 -16:00 at Nielsine Nielsen auditoriet in the Mærsk Tower Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Copenhagen
Find more information here 
New publication on Airflow limitation in people living with HIV
Andreas Ronit and colleagues report findings of airflow limitation in HIV positive and HIV negative populations and identify prior immunodeficiency as a putative risk factor for excess impairment in HIV positive patients. This study represents the largest HIV spirometry study to date.Future studies will focus on specific biological processes related to immune impairment explaining this excess risk. Read publication here 
Wall of Fame PERSIMUNE Data Warehouse
Acknowledgement of the huge work done in relation to the establishment of the PERSIMUNE Datawarehouse
See the Wall of Fame for the PERSIMUNE Data Warehouse



Review of HLA variation and disease
Professor Lars Fugger, PERSIMUNE Rigshospitalet, University of Oxford, recently reviewed his long-term research interest in the tissue type system HLA in Nature Review Immunology. The review pinpoints yet to be engaged avenues of research opportunities; potentially to be exploited using the PERSIMUNE datawarehouse. 
Read the review here  
Precision medicine and bioinformatics with 320 mph: When data sharing increases the understanding of
Read this article from the Danish National Research Foundation on the scientific MISP Camp, data sharing and the national strategy for precision medicine.

Article on the scientific MISP camp

New article on the scientific MISP Camp featured in the Danish medical journal Ugeskrift for læger. Read the interviews with Carsten Niemann and Jens Lundgren on the aim of the scientic camp and how big data will be an inevitable part of the future research.

Winner of the oral presentation competition at the Danish Transplantation Society

The Danish Transplantation Society held its annual meeting on Wednesday 25th of October 2017. Among the highlights of the scientific program is the oral presentation competition which awards the best presentation with a grant of 10,000 DKK for a conference or research activities. This year, the prize went to Neval Ete Wareham who is an MD and PhD student in PERSIMUNE, working primarily with the MATCH programme. Neval presented the results of the CLASS study, which is the first validated method to reliably classify underlying cause of death in transplant recipients.
Congratulations to Neval.  
PERSIMUNE Immunologic Colloquium 21 June 2017

The next Immunologic Colloquium will take place 21 June, 15.30-17.30
Department of Infectious Diseases 8632, Library room 3rd floor

Please find agenda here

Jens Lundgren receives the 2017 Hagedorn Prize
Jens Lundgren receives the 2017 Hagedorn Prize from Novo Nordisk Fonden for his pioneering and internationally recognized research on treatment for people living with HIV.

Press release

Novo Nordisk Fonden website (English)  
New PERSIMUNE publication

Read the latest PERSIMUNE publication
Sustainable HIV treatment in Africa through viral-load-informed differentiated care. L Vojnov et al.

Statement by the HHS Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents Regarding Results
With the availability of the START and TEMPRANO trial results, the Panel’s overall recommendation remains the same: ART is recommended for all HIV-infected patients regardless of pre-treatment CD4 count. However, the strength of the recommendation will be changed to AIa (strong recommendation based on data from randomized controlled trials) for all patients. STATEMENT 
Read the latest news about the START Study results


Reuters health


DR TV Avisen


CBC news

Medical Daily


Latest News Link

Read all press coverage of the START Study results

Article on START Study results in New England Journal of Medicine

Read the article on the groundbreaking reults of the START Study, on the benefits of early antiretroviral treatment. Now available online

Live streaming from IAS2015 press conference on START study results

Follow the live streaming from IAS2015 press conference for the presentation of the groundbreaking results from the START study


8th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention 19-22 July 2015


The START study: Design, conduct and main results

Presented by Jens Lundgren, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday 20th July 11-12.30 Ballroom A, Session title: The Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral Treatment (START) Study: Results and their Implications. 
PERSIMUNE Newsletter

The latest PERSIMUNE Newsletter is online. Read more about news and developments here

BREAKING NEWS: Results of the START study
START, one of the largest ongoing HIV studies, has announced early results regarding the long-debated question of when to start HIV-infected individuals on treatment. 

Read the press release from the NIH here

Have questions about the study results and what they mean for HIV patients? Find answers on the NIH Q & A page

Go to CHIP's START news page or click on the links below to read what other news sources around the world are saying about the groundbreaking results of the START study: 


The New York Times

BBC news 
New Publication of interest

Article on how Amanda Mocroft and colleagues provide a HIV-specific risk score to balance the potential benefits and harms of nephrotoxic ART, based on data from the DAD study. Addressing the need for personalized decision making in the clinic. Read the article

Informed Consent form now available in several languages

The PERSIMUNE Informed Consent Form is now available in 10 languages:

Danish, English, Arabic, Farsi, Greenlandic, Faroese, Bosnian, Urdu, Somali and Turkish

Copenhagen Summer University

Copenhagen Summer University

A 5 day course in Personalised Medicine - the future treatment paradigm 17th-21st August. Dealine for registration is 28th of May.

Read more about the course and sign up here

Copenhagen Summer University for working professionals




PERSIMUNE Newsletter

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Newsletter 23 April

First PERSIMUNE article

The first PERSIMUNE article is on the cover of PLoS Medicine "Development and Validation of a Risk Score for Chronic Kidney Disease in HIV infection Using Prospective Cohort Data from the D:A:D study"

An open access tool to calculate individual patient risk of chronic kidney disease was released in conjunction with the publication of the article



Approval from National Danish Data Authorities

PERSIMUNE has now received approval from the National Danish Data Authorities to commence the recruitment of patients prospectively into the PM platform incl enrolment into the PM biobank. Find Informed Consent Form and Guidance on how to start enrolment here

PERSIMUNE Project Proposal

The PERSIMUNE Project Proposal Form is now available on the website 

PERSIMUNE Newsletter

Newsletter 24 February

Social Media guide

PERSIMUNE communicates through social media to increase awareness about the new research platform and to share and disseminate findings, events and more. We encourage feedback, discussion and knowledge sharing via social media. Read more on why and how here Social Media guide.pdf

PERSIMUNE Scientific retreat

Agenda for PERSIMUNE Scientific retreat 3rd and 4th February.

PERSIMUNE workshop and opening 3rd and 4th feb 2015.pdf 
Programme for the official opening of PERSIMUNE 4th February 2.30 pm

Programme for official opening of PERSIMUNE 

Programme Invitation_2015JAN27.pdf


The official opening ceremony of PERSIMUNE will take place on 4th February 2015 at 14:30, Øster Allé 56, 5th floor. All are welcome! Kindly reply to: 
For more information please click here