The PERSIMUNE documents are divided into two pages:
- A page concerning the Operations of the PERSIMUNE biobank called Biobank documents
- A page containing PERSIMUNE Research documents

The Biobank documents contain information and documents regarding the operational participation in the PERSIMUNE Biobank.
PERSIMUNE infrastructure offers the clinicians the possibility to store biobank specimens for future research purposes.
If your clinic is interested in participating in PERSIMUNE collecting specimens for future research on prospective patients, please contact in order to receive guidance, on how to get involved and become part of the formal PERSIMUNE collaboration.

The Research documents contain information and documents regarding the overall research idea of PERSIMUNE as well as standard operating procedures. Furthermore, here you will find information on how to apply for short term stay as a guest researcher.
Researchers wishing to apply for a scientific project within the PERSIMUNE network can find information on the procedures, the proposal forms needed and the feasibility request in the How to get involved section.

If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact