PERSIMUNE Biobank Documents

Here you can find the procedures, guidelines and informed consent forms you need for including patients in the PERSIMUNE biobank. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact

Procedures and guidelines for inclusion of patients (documents are in Danish)

Informed consent forms (in different languages)

Informed consent form: Select the preferred language to find the patient information sheet and consent form.

Informed consent forms for adults:

Informed consent forms for parents to children (0-17 years):

Informed consent forms for adolescent (15-17 years):

Information on new versions:

Biobank materials

Below you can find information on how the biobank samples (blood and microbiome materials) are processed and stored.

Blood specimens

Microbiome specimens

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Regulatory approval

For question concerning the informed consent, patient materials, how to collect the specimens and other, please contact the PERSIMUNE team on Phone +45 35 45 57 66  or E-mail:

For question concerning the handling and processing of biobank specimens within the PERSIMUNE biobank, please find the Blood bank contact information: Betina Poulsen, Phone.: 3545 3498 or E-mail: