The Hands-on Modeling and Analysis Club (MAC) at Persimune/Rigshospitalet
  • The Modeling and Analysis club will meet regularly for so called hands-on MAC sessions, to discuss mathematical and statistical modeling and analysis of biomedical projects connected with Rigshospitalet and Persimune.
  • The motivation for the hands-on MAC sessions is to share and develop methods and best practices around mathematical and computational modeling and data analysis within Rigshospitalet and Persimune.
  • Any researcher within Rigshospitalet and Persimune is welcome to attend the hands-on MAC sessions to share their experiences and challenges around data and data analysis.
  • All hands-on MAC sessions will be announced internally at Rigshospitalet and Persimune.
  • All supporting material that can be freely shared will be published openly on the web.
  • The main programming language used for the MAC sessions is R and the sessions represent a good opportunity to get support and initiate collaboration around programming and code development.

Material for the first hands-on MAC session

Supporting material for the first MAC session as a pdf: R_training_Copenhagen_2017.pdf
The corresponding Markdown file R training Copenhagen 2017.Rmd  . To use this you should first download R, RStudio and the Markdown package (see the pdf document).
The data files for the first MAC session horsekicks.csv; leukemia.RData; leukemiaSA.RData
The data are the famous data ( ) analyzed by von Bortkiewicz (see in his 1898 book The Law of Small Numbers and a data set from the publication Classification of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia by gene expression profiling. Ross et al, Blood. 2003 Oct 15;102(8):2951-2959.
A powerpoint presentation in pdf format highlighting some useful webresources: R for Bioinformatics May 2017.pdf
For questions or remarks please contact Alvaro Borges or Magnus Fontes

Data and material from the last MAC session plus exercises for the next MAC session