ID WEEK 2018, San Francisco, California 3 - 7 October 2018

Study of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with HIV-1 Set-Point Viral Load in Antiretroviral Therapy-Naïve HIV-Positive Participants of the START study presented by Christina Ekenberg on behalf of the INSIGHT START Study Group. POSTER

Evaluation of MATCH: an Electronic Individual Patient-Focused Management System Aimed at Preventing Cytomegalovirus Disease Following Solid Organ Transplantation presented by Christina Ekenberg on behalf of the MATCH Program Study Group. POSTER

Development and Dynamics of Cytomegalovirus UL97 Ganciclovir Resistance Mutations in Transplant Recipients Detected by Next Generation Sequencing presented by Isabelle Lodding on behalf of the MATCH Program Study Group. POSTER

Risk Factors for Failure of Primary (Val)ganciclovir Prophylaxis Against Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection and Disease in Solid Organ Transplant (SOT) Recipients presented by Mark Poulsen Khurana on behalf of the MATCH study group. POSTER

Development and validation of a cycle-specific risk score for febrile neutropenia during chemotherapy cycles 2-6 in patients with cancer: The CSRFENCE Score presetned by Theis Aagaard on behalf of PERSIMUNE. POSTER