Development of an immunologic characterization platform that provides different levels of in-depth state-of-the-art real-time or delayed/retrospective analyses of immune phenotype and function, to be implemented both in the clinical routine at Rigshospitalet and in PM projects. 
The immune phenotype analysis comprises a 10-color whole blood flow cytometry panel that in details characterizes B cells, T cells, NK cells, TCR subsets, Treg/Th17 cells, dendritic cells, myeloid cells, platelets and co-aggregates, functional asplenism (quantification of Howell-Jolly bodies) and neutrophil phagocytosis (quantification of engulfment of fluorescent E.coli). Focus will be on pathologic patterns of cell maturation, activation, exhaustion, migratory potential and/or function. 
The immune function analysis comprises two different analyses: Whole blood stimulation by e.g. TruCulture® tubes, assessing paracrine function of immune cells and whole blood functional hemostasis by TEG® and Multiplate®, assessing immune thrombosis and platelet function. Focus will be on T cell, myeloid cell and platelet paracrine function and immune aggregation/clot formation (platelets). 
In addition, the immunologic characterization includes assessment of circulating biomarkers.

SIG leader Sisse Ostrowski receives grant from Region Hovedstadens Forskningsfond for project on the importance of hemostasis and thrombocytes for immune competence among immunocompromised patients.

Read more about the project in the report from Region Hovedstadens Forskningsfond . Report