Proposals for new research projects within PERSIMUNE are most welcome!

Please use this link to open the Word proposal form to be used for submitting new proposals.

In order to be endorsed, please note that proposals must comply with other PERSIMUNE principles:

  1. The proposal should not threaten the scientific plans of individual participating clinics. Moreover, it should not compete with the existing cross clinic collaborations.
  2. The scientific question to be addressed in the proposal is based on a consensus of relevant scientific issues already addressed neither by individual clinics nor other PERSIMUNE collaborations. The scientific question proposed should therefore carry added value as compared to current scientific plans of clinics and collaborations.
  3. The proposal must go through the PERSIMUNE approval/endorsement process as detailed in the checklist to be found at the last page of the proposal form. 
  4. Individual clinics will receive the proposal for review as part of the approval process.

Please observe that new ideas generated within approved PERSIMUNE projects, at a clinical or collaboration must be submitted for approval in line with other proposals. 

Please send this proposal to the PERSIMUNE CORE: